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Eiteljorg Museum – Indianapolis

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western art is unique to the Midwest, a source of pride for Hoosiers and a great place for families to enjoy. The impressive collections (some of my favorite pieces are by Georgia O’Keeffe) found at the Eiteljorg museum make it nationally recognized.

As much as I appreciate art, I honestly don’t have a lot of time to go to art museums in my current phase of life (e.g. chasing around young children). So what I really appreciate about the Eiteljorg museum is the effort they have made in carving out a large area for children to explore, engage and play. Even within the past few years, the number of activities directed to families and children has grown at the Eiteljorg museum.

On my last visit, we first walked through the art galleries, then hit Jingle Rails (more on that in a moment) and then spent 2 hours on the Eiteljorg Museum’s Canal Level. I honestly didn’t expect to spend that long at the Eiteljorg but I let my kids direct our afternoon until hunger got the best of them. I definitely recommend hitting the art collections first and then let the kids loose on the Canal Level. There are plenty of hands on activities and opportunities for them to role-play.

Eiteljorg Museum #indymama

Eiteljorg Museum

Eiteljorg Museum

Back to Jingle Rails. Please go see this. The Jingle Rails exhibit will be open until January 19th. It is, hands down, the most amazing train exhibit I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure who loved it more – me or my kids. Trains were all around, overhead, and riding past some of the country’s most well-known sites including many local Indianapolis landmarks. Read more about the Jingle Rails exhibit including highlights and how it was made at the Eiteljorg Jingle Rails page. See more of my pictures from the exhibit on Flickr.

Admission to the Eiteljorg Museum is $10 for adults, 5-17 is $6 and 4 and under is free. I really love that children 4 and under are free. Perfect for a preschooler’s afternoon out. Also, on January, 20th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Eiteljorg museum will offer FREE admission with the donation of a non-perishable food item to Gleaners Food Bank.

Jingle Rails at Eiteljorg

Peeking up at Jingle Rails

Jingle Rails at Eiteljorg: Union Station, Indianapolis

Jingle Rails at Eiteljorg Museum

Mt. Rushmore at Jingle Rails

Old Faithful at Jingle Rails

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