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Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park – Plainfield , IN

Once your kids step into Sky Zone, you’ll find out that they have endless reserves of energy that will keep them bouncing for longer than you thought possible. Although Sky Zone seems to be most appealing to teenagers (and rightly so), it is a great place for a family night of activity, or even a date night. It’s serious fun.

At the Sky Zone in Plainfield, Indiana (a quick drive from downtown Indianapolis), you will find huge courts full of trampolines. But it doesn’t stop there because there are special angled trampolines all along the walls.  There are trampoline courts for dodgeball, basketball dunking and a foam pit that is a perfect spot for tricks.

My kids (ages 3-7) had an absolute blast jumping around the open court and jumping into the foam pits. We didn’t try the dodgeball but it would be great for kids 10+. I loved that Sky Zone has something for every age. Sky Zone caters to youth on Fridays and Saturdays by offering Sky Mania and Sky Jam – specially priced deals for jumping passes including pizza and drinks. But, Sky Zone in Plainfield also has special toddler hours for those 5 and under, Skyrobics classes for those interested in fitness classes and is also a perfect place for birthday parties.

Make sure to plan ahead when you want to visit. Although they do take walk-ins, courts fill up and you’ll probably want to reserve your spots so you don’t have disappointed kids. Also, make sure to wear/bring socks because you’ll be wearing special trampoline court shoes. I was really impressed with the staff service and the cleanliness of the facility. Typically Tuesday and Wednesday nights are less busy so it would be a good time to go if you are looking for it to be less crowded. Check out the Sky Zone (Plainfield) website for hours and prices. They also have extended hours for Spring Break.

SkyZone Plainfield, IN #IndyMama #TodaysMama

Foam Pit at SkyZone #IndyMama #TodaysMama

Open Jump at SkyZone in Plainfield, In #IndyMama

Pit Jump at SkyZone in Plainfield, IN #IndyMama #TodaysMama

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  1. Vic 12/07/2015 at 4:37 pm

    I really love when I see kids jumping on the trampoline and smile. Skyzone is one of the best trampoline which is available on the market.I have one indoor skyzone trampoline for my kid and he loves it a lot.

  2. Brian 05/23/2015 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing! Though I do own a backyard trampoline, I am kinda interested to bring my kids to a trampoline park, just to have the experience jumping in a big court of trampolines. I went to the website to check out their prices, and to be honest, it’s quite affordable. Place looks great too. I might bring my family there next week. Thanks for recommending!