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Terra Cotta Warriors at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Terra Cotta Warriors at the Children's Museum #Indy #tcmchina2014

It is almost unimaginable to think of the 8,000 Terra Cottta Warriors in their original form. Unearthed after being buried for centuries, the real Terra Cotta Warriors can now be seen at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis through November 2, 2014. The Children’s Musuem has brought this amazing wonder to life again in its new exhibit, Terra Cotta Warriors: The Emperor’s Painted Army, directly from China’s Shaanxi Province.

I had been terribly excited for this exhibit to arrive and it lived up to my high expectations. I intentionally planned our first visit to the exhibit with just my husband, leaving my kids at home. I wanted to be able to enjoy the exhibit without worrying about my kids distracting me or rushing me. But, after visiting, I can say with certainty that families will enjoy this exhibit together without worrying about the concerns I had originally. The Children’s Museum has a brilliant way of engaging children throughout the exhibit which boasts more than 100 ancient artifacts. Also, because this is a timed entry exhibit, it limits the crowding so you and your children can enjoy the exhibit at a leisurely pace. There are plenty of interesting hands-on activities for the children to enjoy while you peruse the exhibit. The exhibit requires an ticket purchase in addition to the museum entrance. Museum members receive discounted pricing. For more information or tickets visit

Strong hands // Terra Cotta Warrior @childrensmuseum #TCMChina2014 #attcm #TodaysMama

If you do want to take a look at the warriors on your own, as a date night or just a night out with other adults, check out the Terra Cotta Warriors After Dark events. There are three special dates to choose from where adults 21+ can see the Terra Cotta Warriors (as well as the Dinosphere and Take Me There China) from 6-8 pm while enjoying drinks and hors d’ouevres. Find out more details on the Children’s Museum website.

Making Terra Cotta Warriors #TCMChina2014 #attcm

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